These general terms of use give the terms and conditions applicable to use of the content of the present media library by a user which is made available by WEARE GROUP.

Consent to the General Terms

Access to the Media Library and the use of photographs, videos, drawings, press releases, logos or any other documentation available in the Media Library, supposes the full to General Terms, without limitations or conditions. Which failing, the user cannot access the Media Library.

Before downloading or using Visuals, the User undertakes to carefully read the General Terms and consent to them by ticking the special box.

WEARE GROUP reserves the right to unilaterally amend, at its entire discretion, at any time, all or part of the General Terms. Any amendments to the General Terms take effect immediately when published on the Media Library and can be enforced on the User automatically. So the User is responsible for regularly consulting said General Terms before downloading or using any Visuals.

Access to the Media Library

Access to the Media Library confers a private and non-exclusive right to use this Media library. Use of the Media Library is intended exclusively for few categories of Users:

  • “Internal Services”, including WEARE GROUP employees and its Advertising Agency.
  • “Partners”, such as associations, partners, suppliers and charter companies;
  • “Clients”.
  • “Banks”
  • “Press”

Use of Visuals depends on the category to which the User belongs.
Before being able to access the Media Library, the User must ask WEARE GROUP for access by completing a registration form stating in particular the User’s surname, given name, company, email and the purpose for which the visuals are required.

If the access request is agreed, WEARE GROUP will send the User a confirmation email, and a login and password. Said logins and passwords are strictly personal and confidential.

If the connection logins are lost, the User can ask for them again by clicking the “Forgotten password” link, then providing the information requested.

His/her password will then be sent by email.

The User is responsible for all downloads enabled with his/her logins and liable for any harm resulting from any fraudulent use. Any connection and/or use of Visuals made using his/her logins will be deemed to have been made by the User holding said logins and under his/her responsibility alone.
WEARE GROUP reserves the right to refuse access to the Media Library by suspending, restricting and/or cancelling access, at its sole, unique discretion and without prior warning.
The login and password are strictly personal and reserved solely for the user identified in the access request form, who expressly agrees not to divulge this information to anyone or for any reason whatsoever.


All the photographs, videos and any other support that the Media library contains are the exclusive property of WEARE GROUP or third parties, copyright holders who have authorized WEARE GROUP to communicate them. They are royalty-free within the exclusive framework of the promotion of WEARE GROUP and its subsidiaries.

Use of visuals

  • The Internal Services are authorized, non-exclusively and world-wide, to download Visuals in high definition and to use them, free of charge, on any physical or electronic mediums (printed or internet), exclusively to promote WEARE GROUP and its products.
  • Partners have the possibility of consulting Visuals and must first contact WEARE GROUP for any use.
  • Clients have the possibility of consulting Visuals and must first contact WEARE GROUP for any use.
  • Bank have the possibility of consulting Visuals and must first contact WEARE GROUP for any use.
  • Press have the possibility of consulting Visuals and must first contact WEARE GROUP for any use.

The use of Visuals thus detailed is possible, conditional on compliance with the following cumulative conditions:

Visuals must not under any circumstances:

  • be used for the purpose of illustrating articles or reporting not connected with WEARE GROUP’S business or products or that might harm its brand image or reputation;
  • be used for commercial, advertising, immoral, defamatory or injurious purposes, to denigrate individuals, entities or goods and/or any other use that is contrary to laws current in France or countries in which where the Visuals are used.
  • be communicated to third parties; and
  • be altered in any way whatsoever. The User is however authorized to reduce the size on condition that the whole of the Visual is reproduced; its initial proportions and the quality of its resolution are not altered.

Any reproduction of the Visual must show the Media credit and the photographer’s name and/or the identification of the image, and the words ©« ©Photograph’s name / WEARE GROUP », WEARE GROUP ALL RIGHT RESERVED, depending on the Visual selected. Failing which WEARE GROUP can legally claim compensation for non-identification.

Document Proof

Document proof of the appearance of the images used must be sent to the WEARE GROUP Communication Department at the first request of the latter (copy of review, website URL, PDF layout, address of the website that contains the photographs or a screen shot, etc.).
For any other use not covered in the General Terms, the User must obtain WEARE GROUP’s prior consent.

Intellectual Property

The Media Library are protected by intellectual property law (copyright, trade names, etc.) belonging to WEARE GROUP or to third parties that have granted user licenses.
Any use of Visuals that does not comply with these General Terms is a breach of intellectual property law and exposes the User to civil and/or criminal proceedings.
The reproduction or representation, in whole or in part, is prohibited and is a breach of copyright.

Exclusions of warranties – Limitation of liability

Access to the Media Library and the use of Visuals are solely at the User’s liability.

WEARE GROUP, its affiliated companies, their representatives or employees, shall not be held liable for harm, even if direct, whether or not accidental, resulting from use :

  • of the Media Library and/or Visuals not in accordance with the General Terms and/or current legislation,
  • deterioration or destruction of a User’s computer facilities by a virus, and
  • non-access or incorrect operation of the Media Library.

The User undertakes to indemnify and guarantee WEARE GROUP, its affiliated companies, their representatives or employees, against any remedy that may be sought against them due to use of the Photo Library and/or Visuals not complying with the General Terms and/or current legislation.

Lois applicables, tribunal compétent et document contractuel

These terms and conditions of use are governed by French law. Any use not conforming to the terms and conditions of use of the WEARE GROUP photograph can give rise to legal actions in the competent courts.

Protection of Personal Data

When the user fills out the registration form to be authorized for access to the Media library, all the information making up his or her profile is kept in the administrator file. The user can access this profile at any time and, if needed, make changes to it by accessing the "My account" section. This section also contains the password, which can be changed at will.

No personal data gathered is accessible by the public and will not be transferred to third parties.

Under French law no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to Information Technology, File and Civil liberties, each individual has, for the personal data regarding them, the right to access (art. 34 to 38 of the law), rectify (art. 36 of the law) and oppose (art. 26 of the law) and must write to the WEARE GROUP Communication Department at the following address to exercise their rights:

Communication Department

321 avenue de Paris

Tél :
Email :

Société par Actions Simplifiée au capital de 36 312 546 €uros
RCS de Montauban n° 814 933 131

Any request to use photographs that is received by website will be handled as rapidly as possible.